Why Backyards are Good for Child Development

Children remember the house they grew up in. Whether it was a tiny cramped apartment or a house with a large backyard, they store these memories in their sub-consciousness. Even if a family grows up very poor, children who had lots of outdoor space to play in have great memories of their backyards. They camp out there, do dance routines, and suntan.

The following is a list of reasons why it is important to have a backyard for kids to play in:

1. They Gain a Sense of Ownership

boys having fun in their backyard

When children have houses, it is not necessarily something they view as their own. Aside from having a room, children know that the rest of the house is a place where they need to ask permission to get creative it. The outdoors is different. When children go out there, they make it their own world. They invite their friends to come play in their space. And the children set about entertaining their guests.

2. It Creates a Space for Memories

children chilling in their portable pool

A backyard is a place where winter sports can be explored. For example, children can put on their cross country skis with their parents and go for a little trek. These make excellent photo ops. Also, in the summer, the children can get their bathing suits on and run through the sprinkler. This is also a great opportunity for parents to get out their cameras and document this fun. A backyard can really be a whole year long oasis.

3. Backyards Help Children Discover their Interests

mom and her kids planting in their backyard

Many children discover a love of gardening through helping their parents, or they set about landscaping the yard in their teens. Some kids will be fascinated by the process of growing fruits and vegetables. Still other children inspect bugs and make ant farms. During this time of development, it is nice for them to have a place that their family owns where they can pioneer pursuits in the outdoor world.

4. Yards Give Parents a Well Deserved Break

reading newspaper in front of firepit

While people would like to think that it is still a safe enough world to send kids off to the park, this is something many parents now feel very uncomfortable with. The notion of letting children run free outside sounds appealing, but is not practical for many families.

But, if parents own a backyard with a good fence, they can feel free to send their young ones outside while they have some much needed rest and relaxation or catch up on the dishes. Kids appreciate this space too, as they don’t want to be always stepping on their parents’ toes. When they have some time outside to burn off steam, they come in more relaxed and willing to listen to their parents. They might even start to miss their parents in this absence.

There are some many great reasons for kids to grow up with their own backyard. When parents look for property, they should highly consider investing in a place that has a fenced off backyard. They will thank themselves for doing so in the long run.

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