Why You Should Get Married: Rights and Benefits

Society is changing and has a broader definition of family. Many couples are putting off marriage, or may not be interested in ever getting married. While this is true for some people, there are reasons why you should get married, such as specific rights just for married couples.

Tax Relief

People who are married can file joint tax returns with the IRS and with their state. This usually reduces the amount of taxes you need to pay.

It also allows you to create a family partnership, which legally allows you to distribute income from your business to your spouse. Again, this usually results in tax breaks.

Estate and Planning Benefits

Should your spouse pass away, a share of the estate is automatically passed to the surviving spouse. You also receive tax breaks from any property you leave to your husband or wife.

There are also some trusts that can only be created for married couples. These benefits make estate benefits simpler and more beneficial.

The Various Health Benefits Of Getting Married


One of the most powerful boosters of health is being in a long-term relationship or marriage. While a wedding can be good in many ways, its effects on health have largely been ignored by the wellness community.

Family sociologists have however contributed to compelling studies which suggest that married people enjoy more health benefits than their single counterparts. There are various reasons why one should be inclined towards marriage.

Prolonging Life

According to some experts, getting married can help one live longer. About 99% of married women who were alive at 45 live up to 65 or longer.

This is compared to about 80% of their single counterparts. The mortality rates are about 50% higher for such women.

This effect is even more noteworthy among men. Those who were alive at 48 have a 90% chance of making it to 65 if they’re married.

This is compared to only 60-70% of divorced and unmarried men. This represents a 250% higher rate of mortality.

Improved Mental Health

Marital status is one of the vital factors used in diagnosing depression. The rates of this illness are about 99 times higher in single men. Single women are also more susceptible to anxiety.

It’s also been observed that marital separation significantly increases the risk of suicide amongst men. Married people also abuse drugs and substances less as compared to their single counterparts.

A large percentage of chronic drinkers are either separated or divorced.

Over the years, the pursuit of good health has blossomed into a cultural sensation. Exercise, diet, supplements, meditation and relaxation are the various factors touted to boost wellness.

It’s quite evident that being in a relationship or married can keep one healthier, both physically and mentally.

Improved Physical Health


Some studies also suggest that being in a marriage can significantly boost one’s health. The benefits are so strong that married men who suffer from heart disease are expected to live about 4 years longer.

This also applies for other illnesses such as cancer and obesity. The benefits also apply to women. Other health benefits include less time spent in hospitals and higher chances of recovering from cancer. Married smokers have also been observed to live longer.

Employment Benefits for Married Couples

Medical care is a huge issue, and many employers will only allow you to purchase a health care plan for your married partner. Should your spouse become ill, you can also use medical family leave to care for him or her.

This is not usually extended to unmarried couples. Being married also allows you to take bereavement leave from work should your spouse, mother in law, or father in law pass away.

Housing Benefits

Being married can even influence where you live. There are some neighborhoods that are zoned for families only. If your spouse signed a lease, being married allows you to renew it as well.

Benefits for Married Consumers

Being married can save you money in the long run. Because people who are married tend to be more stable, many insurance companies will offer discounted rates for couples.

Automobile, homeowners, and health insurance rates usually have special discounts for people who are married. If you are going to school, there might be tuition discounts as well.

Married spouses are also allowed to use the school facilities, such as a fitness center or library, even if they themselves are not going to school.

There are plenty of reasons why you should get married. Married couples have certain rights that do not apply to people who are not legally married. Consider these rights and benefits when considering if marriage is right for you.

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